Get away from the buildings: another side of Hong Kong

Get away from the buildings: another side of Hong Kong

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The city of Hong Kong is known (and loved) for its sleepless streets where eastern culture meets western’s. As a big cities lover, I personally really enjoyed my 5 days stay there. The city really has a lot to offer, in terms of architecture, culture, food, nightlife, shopping etc. However, it is not really what I’m going to show you in this article… Forget the buildings and keep on reading if you want to discover one of the numerous outdoor spot of Hong Kong!

Lantau Island

Lantau is the largest island in Hong Kong. You will find some towers and malls on one part of the island, and a monastery, some hiking trails etc. on the other part.

There’re many ways to reach the island. We chose to go by ferry and to go back home with the MTR. I think it’s even possible to go by cable cars but the terminal was closed the week I was there (of course!).

When we arrived on Ngong Ping Piazza, my attention was immediately drawn by the stunning Pai Lau, a giantic archway marking the entrance of the Piazza.

Tian Tan Buddha (Big Buddha)

Before entering the monastery, we first headed to the Big Buddha (or Tian Tan Buddha) and climbed the 268 steps to the bronze statue. From the top, we could have a closer look to the Buddha and also admire the view on all the monastery, the mountains and even the sea.

The Po Lin Monastery

Then, we went back down and explored the Piazza and the Po Lin Monastery. The site was simply wonderful, the colourful style of the very detailed architecture was really interesting to see. The place is really authentic as the monastery is still one of the most important Buddhist site of Hong Kong.

I don’t remember the place was particularly crowded, I saw a few tourists coming from many countries (as well as the usual tourist groups from China!) and of course, the monks who live there.

The Wisdom Path

We stopped by the vegetarian restaurant to rest and eat some local desserts (I don’t have any picture for you guys, sorry we were so hungry!) before continuing our exploration.

After wandering a little bit in the Piazza, we took a little path in the forest and ended up at the Wisdom Path. As we were not really prepared for hiking, we decided to stop there. But if you want to hike in Hong Kong, you can do it in Ngong Ping hills!

To go further, I invite you to visit the page of Hong Kong’s tourism board that is, in my opinion, really well organised. You will find all the information you need to plan your visit of Hong Kong!

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