A  december weekend in Prague: between stunning monuments and Christmas Markets

A december weekend in Prague: between stunning monuments and Christmas Markets

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Last December I had the opportunity to spend 2 days in Prague. It was a really intense trip but I don’t regret it at all. I discovered a beautiful city where I will hopefully come back!

We booked a cheap Ryanair flight (84€ the roundtrip) and an Airbnb in the city center (a huge place for a really attractive price as well: 54€/night). To reach the city from the airport, we simply took a taxi. To catch our early return flight (departing around 7am), we could book a taxi in advance thanks to an app called “AAA TAXI”.

Day 1: from the National Museum to the Old Town

We started our visit of the city by wandering in the streets, looking for something to eat. We tried a nice Vietnamese restaurant that was highlighted in my travel guide (yes you read it well: our first meal in Czech Republic was a Pho). If you’re in Prague starving for a delicious Pho and some crispy Nems, try Pho Vietnam Anglická (you need to order at the counter, several people were served before us because we were expecting someone would come at our table to take our order!).
Then, we headed to the National Museum. Good surprise: the museum was free because of ongoing work in the building that didn’t allow to see everything. The place was a bit busy, we lined up a while before entering the museum. The interior and its painted ceilings was absolutely breathtaking! However, I was a bit disappointed by the collection that was retracing Czech Republic history. Hopefully they’ll enrich it in the future.

After the visit of the museum, we reached the Wenceslas Square that had been turned into a huge Christmas Market. There we finally tried a Czech specialty: the Trdelník, a rolled pastry topped with sugar, nuts and cinnamon. I couldn’t finish because it was too sweet for me and I wasn’t really hungry… Then, we walked ending up in another Christmas Market, in the Old Town of Prague. It was 4:30pm and already night time!

We stopped by Pauseteria café to enjoy some tea. If you like minimalist and modern interior designs, I definitely recommend that place! The staff was also really friendly.

To end our first day, we enjoyed the Jazz Boat evening cruise on the Vltava River. We went there without booking our table, luckily it wasn’t full. The experience was really fun! However, the route was a bit short and the boat was actually circling around the river. Moreover, the nighttime didn’t allow us to really enjoy the view, it was really dark!

Day 2: from Vyšehrad district to Prague Castle

Vyšehrad is a district located in the South of Prague’s historic center. The fort shelters the basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul and a cemetery. The place mixes different architectural styles, from Romanesque to Gothics, and offers a beautiful view on the Vltava River and the city’s orange roofs.

After a local lunch break at Fine Café, we took the public transportations to the castle. The place was definitely more crowded than the previous fort. At the ticket office, we had the choice between several circuits to visit the castle, we took the B one that offered access to St. Vitus Cathedral, the Old Royal Palace, St. George's Basilica and “Golden Lane” (a small street with some shops). Here are the details of the different types of tickets (we actually selected the circuit B because we read online it was the most worthy one).

Between two visits, we also enjoyed some (Belgian) waffles in the Christmas Market.

We couldn’t spend a weekend in Prague without stopping by the famous Dancing Building. So this is what we did after our visit of the castle. We even had very cool pictures by nightfall! Since it was still early, we also enjoyed a hot chocolate at the Louvre Café, that is also a must-go in Prague (feel free to check my Stories Highlights on Instagram to have some additional pictures and videos of my trip!).

For our last diner, we booked a very good restaurant serving local dishes… No that’s a joke: we had a burger at Výtopna Railway Restaurant because the concept of serving drinks in the small train is fun (again, you can check the video in my Instagram Highlights). I advise you to book a table if you want to eat there because we had to queue for a while…

Have you ever been in Prague ? If not, would you be interested in going ?

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this article and that it has been useful to you! Feel free to share your questions and thoughts in the comment section!

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