A weekend to discover Lisbon, the city of seven hills

A weekend to discover Lisbon, the city of seven hills

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Last November it snowed in Paris… A little trip to a warmer place seemed necessary! We picked a country we had never been to before: Portugal! Since it was a first time trip, and because we only had a weekend ahead of us, we chose to visit Lisbon only. I wasn’t expecting anything from the weather as the period was not ideal. It was warmer than in Paris, it's what we wanted!

Day 1: first steps in the city (Pastéis de Nata, Chiado district) and Fado evening!

First point, the route from the airport to the city center was very easy! After checking on Google Map, we simply took a bus that brought us near our hotel. We ended the journey with a 5-minute walk under a heavy rain (at least it wasn't snow!). However, a good surprise was waiting for us… The hotel upgraded our room! From a simple room, we enjoyed a rooftop room with a terrace!

We stayed at Hotel Lisboa, near the Parque Eduardo VII. The place is a little bit far from the heart of the city center (like 10/15-minute walk) but the public transportations are very close.

After settling down in our hotel, we went out to explore the city. We walked to Fábrica da Nata and tried the famous cream custard tarts together with hot drinks! Like in Paris, pigeons weren’t far… One of them even had a lock of hair in its feet, ugh!


Then, we kept walking to the Chiado district. We stopped to visit the Carmo Convent, the impressive ruins of a former religious edifice.


After that, we went near the Sé Cathedral to eat in a Fado restaurant, called Bohemia Lx, that had been recommended to me. We were warmly welcomed and ate very well. On top of that, the 3 singers were truly talented!




Day 2: along the sea (Belém Tower, Jerónimos Monastery) and in the air (25 de Abril Bridge)!

Our objectives of this weekend were to visit both Belém Tower and Jerónimos Monastery. The two monuments were stunning to see! I appreciated that the access to the narrow staircase was controlled in the tower, so everyone wasn’t going up and down at the same time.



On top of that, we didn’t even have to queue thanks to the Lisboa Cards we’d purchased on the previous day, from the tourist information counter of the airport. This card gives an unlimited access to public transportations and to a selection of points of interest (including monuments and museums) in Lisbon, for a duration of 24 to 72 hours, according to the type you choose. Very useful!

It also allowed us to visit the 25 de Abril bridge. Super cool experience: we climbed to the top of the bridge, at the same level as the road. Between the wind and the cars, it was a bit noisy but really impressive!


After that, we joined the city center to get lost in the Alfama district (RIP our legs 💀).


Day 3: Monday morning in the castle

How can you go to Lisbon without visiting São Jorge castle? We went there on the Monday morning before our departure. We arrived quite early compared to the other tourists so we didn't have to queue for entering. However the queue was there when we left, so if you can, come early! The place was quite quick to explore but this is probably one of the best view you can have of Lisbon! And like in my article on Krabi island, I leave you with a picture of cute animals... 😊




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